Plans are progressing for our new shelter project. There are a few minor setbacks in the planning stage, but we believe the plans will soon be back on track. It looks like we will be ready for bids and look forward to breaking ground soon. Thank you all for your support in seeing our vision for a new shelter become a reality!

The Block Grant Project DOVE received, is only for the construction of the Shelter. Project DOVE will have to furnish and decorate the entire Shelter with other funds. Therefore, we are reaching out to our generous community to help us once again with the “Adopt A Room Program”. The participation in this program can be done individually, by a family, by a group or organization. You can do as much or as little as you choose, to bring a room to completion. Some people may choose to complete an entire room, while others may only contribute a rug or a lamp or curtains. We welcome any contributions to making our new shelter a welcoming place for those who are victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.

For more information, please contact Project DOVE at 541-889-6316.