As you probably know, Project DOVE is a 501C3 Corporation. Basically, this means that we are funded by Grants, both Federal and State, Private Foundation Funds and by community support.

Our government grants have been drastically cut and in some cases completely done away with. Private Foundations are also struggling with the economy and it is not easy to obtain that type of funding as it was in the past. And, of course, our community…….this is probably the hardest hit segment of our funding revenue. We know how tough it is today to make ends meet.

Unfortunately for Project DOVE, we too, need to make our ends meet. If we do not have the funding to continue, there will no longer be assistance for victims of domestic violence in the surrounding areas.

Please, please consider making a donation to Project DOVE, no matter how large or small it may be. Perhaps it would be easier to send a small amount each month, rather than a larger amount all at one time…..We would appreciate anything you can send.

It is our goal to continue to serve the victims in this area in order to provide them with safety and shelter in their time of need.

Won’t you please help us?


The Board, Staff and Clients of Project DOVE